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Open Care System


We have now introduced cyclic timer in our ultraviolet air steriliser whereby you can store off and on time for long use of the equipment . After storing the time the user can relax since the steriliser will automatically manoeuvre start and stop of itself


Introducing Ultra Violet Sterilizer, a product manufactured from state of art technology for sterilizing the air within the sterilization chamber. An ultraviolet ray is a band of light with short wavelength from 2000 to 2950 angstrom units possess the greatest germicidal effect of all ultraviolet wavelength, particularly the wavelength of 2537 angstrom units, it is extensively used to destroy airborne bacteria, virus, mould pores etc.


Ultraviolet Sterilizer can be kept on even during the operations as special measures are taken to save against direct radiation, this unit can mount on wall, kept on the table or at a suitable place.


How Does It Works…

The TUV lamps have germicidal effect for killing and inactivating bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms. The impurities and bacteria are floating in the air. In order to sterilize and purify the air, sterilization chamber is provided which has an arrangement to draw the impure air from the top, filter it with dust filter the 15 micron fine filter, then air passes through carbon filter (Optional) and finally sterilize it with Ultraviolet Radiation and then release the pure clean air it into the room. Special measures are taken to protect against direct radiation.


What is U.V. Sterilization – U.V. ray penetrates direct into bacteria and raises various kind of biochemical reaction itself then bacteria die out or fall into a functional disorder. Especially, UV rays strikes directly bacteria’s DNA and have a fatal influence on it. These UV rays work directly on most bacteria’s DNA sequences and raise disorder itself then inactivate bacteria’s cell perfectly.


Five Step sterilization…

Step-I Dust Filter – Large particles of dust such as strands and hairy-dusts are filtered at this stage.

Step-II 15 Micron Filter:- Minute particles floating in air are filtered from this filter.

Step-III Carbon Filter (Optional) – Thanks to the function of strong deodorization decomposition, carbon filter removes tobacco smokes, smell of food and most of odours.

Step-IV UV Filter:- Equipped with two 8 watt UV lamp it sterilizes the air.

Step-V Ionizer (optional) – This Negative Ion generator generates large quantities of negative Ions thus it feels fresh and comfortable.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer can be effectively installed at different places:-

At medical sites like Operation Theater, ICCU, ICU, NICU, Post Operative wards, Trauma Wards, Mortuary etc.

Suitable for small laboratories where bacteria-free air is desired.

At homes in a closed room specially for allergic patients suffering from AIDS, TB to protect from infections

Ideally suited in Dental clinic, Physicians clinic, Physician clinic to guard against cross infections from patients.

Suitable for small laboratories where bacteria-free air is desired.



Digital Timer for display of time for the sterilizer.

Remote Control.


Technical Specification…

Dimension H13.0 in X W14.5 in X D9.5 in
Gross Weight 4.00 Kg [Approx]
Voltage Required 230V AC 50 Hz
Fuse 350 MA


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