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The Microscope can also be supplied in a wooden cabinet at extra cost.


An inexpensive microscope for high school giving a maximum magnification of 675X.

Body: Body inclinable through 90° and fixed to a solid cast iron base with observation monocular mechanical tube of 160mm length.

Nose-piece: Triple revolving nose-piece for quick change of magnification with accurate click stops for perfect parafocal alignment.

Stage: Fixed stage 110 x 110mm fitted with 2 stage clips. The fixed Abbe Condenser has a N.A. (Numeric Aperture) of 1.2 with Iris Diaphragm and swing-out Filter Carrier and a blue filter.

Illumination: Adjustable plano-concave mirror on fork mount.

Focusing: Rack and pinion mechanism for coarse focusing and worm and gear for fine focusing.

Eye piece: Single Huygenian Eyepiece 10X and 15X.

Objectives: Achromatic 4X or 10X, 45X.

Packing: Styrofoam box.

Accessories: Vinyl dust cover, cleaning cloth, cleaning brush, filter, immersion oil, eye guard and instruction manual in English.

Optional: External Lighting Lamp for mounting in mirror socket can be supplied at extra cost.


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