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Air Purification Cum Sterilization System

Stage-I Dust Filter:- Dust filter traps particls upto 15 microns. This includes dust particles, hair, lint fibers. insects and other particulate substances above 15 micro.

Stage-II Secondary filter traps particles up to 5 micron size such as fine dust particles, pollen granins etc.

Stage-III Activated carbon filter removes odors, fumes, inorganic substances such as NO2 and CO organic compounds such as farmaldehyde and fumes of halgens and other chemicals. Activated Corbon absorbs particles from air.

Stage-IV UV rays (2537ao ir 253.7nm) kill microbial cells present in air by destroying their genetic material with an efficiency if 90-99%

Stage-V A Digital Negative lon Generator is another excellent feature which ultimately leads to better air quality. Negative lons get attached to dust particles/pollutants making them heavier and precipitate them on the floor. This leads to cleaner air

Stage-VI Hepa Filter traps all biotic and abiotic particles known to be present in the air. 0.3 micron porosify of the filter results in 99.97% effucuebct. Only Pure air passes throught this porosity.

Stage-VII Electrostatic precipitator, a wonderful feature, high D.C. cuttent which attracts and retains all the pollutants of air that pass through it.

Stage-VIII Ozonation system with a programmable digital timer. Ozone sterilizes air by oxidation of inorganic and organic substances. 99.9% of bio contaminants are killed and eliminated by Ozone.



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