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In the new born period i.e. birth to one month, jaundice can pose a serious problem, because high level of the bilirubin can permanently damage the brain. This indirect bilirubin, which is not water soluble, can be decomposed to a harmless metabolic, which is water soluble, does not cross blood brain barrier and is rapidly excreted in the bile and urine and so does not accumulate. This is achieved by exposing the infant to bright light (app. 4.5 micro watts/ in the range of 420 to 480nm wave length. This is used for treatment of Hyperbillirubiaemia in Neonates, which provides the light source in range of 420-480 nm wave length. Double surface Phototherapy Unit is the combination of over head phototherapy unit and under Surface Phototherapy unit.

Undersurface Phototherapy Unit

Baby Bassinet with fold down panels.

Head down position, on both sides.

Phototherapy Unit fitted at a distance of 300 mm from baby bed.

4 Blue + 2 white tubes in Overhead Phototherapy Unit Choice of two kinds of tubes for use with

4nos of blue light tubes with higher intensity of light in therapeutic range and 2 nos of white light tubes.

6 nos. of white light tubes with the facility to use 4 or 6 tubes at a time

Compact and mobile


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